We are a modern and dynamic sales, promotion and marketing agency with expertise and experience built up over 20 years. Founded back in 1995 as Idea Force International, since mid-2016 IFG GmbH has been further optimising, modernising and streamlining its business, drawing on the experience, contacts and resources that it has amassed over two decades of successful work in European and Asian markets.
Our customers include companies of all sizes based in Germany and further afield, for which we create unique products and merchandising for marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as successfully implemented and precisely planned services such as promotions.
We offer:
  • Innovation and creativity
  • New and unique products
  • The assurance of a tried-and-tested business
  • The highest standards of quality and responsibility
  • Prompt delivery

  • Mindfulness of social values, ethical practices and sustainability
  • A unique network of top experienced manufacturers
  • Production in accordance with EU requirements
  • Registered with EAR and the DUALES SYSTEM


In Europe we work closely with specialised, experienced and reliable producers to make the specific wishes of our customers a reality. For instance, our vast network includes plastics specialists from Italy and wood experts from Poland, along with service providers and suppliers from Germany.


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Since the 1990s we have been working closely with partners and producers from all over Asia. Such collaborations have resulted in unique product developments and major production projects for a wide variety of requirements and customers. Every production project is monitored and controlled on site by an independent supervisory unit. The resulting quality control reports mean that we can guarantee the quality of items produced at any given time.


With heart and soul
Always one step ahead

Alessandro Mura

Executive Director
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 20
Andreas Kupka Marketing

Andreas Kupka

Director Marketing & New Business
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 10
Maria Nickel Senior Account Executive
Establishing contacts
Quality – controlled, stamped and filed

Maria Amrhein-Nickel

Senior Account Executive
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 22

Jasmin Schilling

Media Designer
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 24
Only High Kicks!

Torben Friedrich

Media Designer Apprentice
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 19
Dead-aiming communication

Vanessa Juric

Marketing Communications Assistant Trainee
+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 11
Iris Nauheimer
Holds all the numbers

Iris Nauheimer

+ 49 (0) 6105 – 2973 – 34


Manufacturing in Asia sometimes has a dubious reputation, although this mostly relates to the textile industry. IFG GmbH attaches great importance to its choice of experienced producers, who display an awareness of social values, ethical practices, environmental concerns and sustainability in relation to their employees and the materials and manufacturing techniques that they use. We maintain longstanding relationships with our partners, suppliers and service providers and regularly scrutinise and monitor their materials and conditions of production.
IFG GmbH is also a voluntary partner of Interseroh. As an environmental services provider and supplier of raw materials, Interseroh has been developing solutions to reduce waste through recycling as part of an efficient approach to production, thus protecting the environment and valuable resources.
As such, IFG GmbH helps to recover valuable raw materials, preserve natural resources and protect the climate. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) has confirmed the positive environmental effects of this commitment in regular studies (see the “Resources SAVED by recycling” study).
In 2015 IFG GmbH (at that time still called Idea Force International GmbH)
registered the following types of material in Germany:
Types of material:
  • Polyethylene/polypropylene/mixed plastics
  • Paper/paperboard/cardboard
  • Lightweight packaging
The recycling of these materials is calculated to have saved:
of resources
of greenhouse gases


Working at IFG GmbH:
We do not have any vacancies at present.
Apprenticeships at IFG GmbH:
IHK Best-of-the-Year event
What’s more, in 2015 one of our trainees was awarded the Best Participant as a Marketing and Communications Representative for his area of specialisation at the IHK Best-of-the-Year event.
IHK Bestenehrung